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Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil/ Strip

Our products include hot-dip galvanized steel, under which the grades DX51D to DX57D as well as the structural steels S220GD to S550GD are integrated.
Product Description

These grades are the soft steels within the hot-dip galvanized sheets and are characterized by their excellent form ability. They can be used for deep drawing and bending. The mechanical properties of the individual steel grades are characterized by the level of yield strength and tensile strength as well as by guaranteed minimum values of elongation at break.

Product description:

Product name

Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Coil/ Strip






SGCC/ DC51D/ DC52C/ DC53D/ DC54D/ SPCC/ ST12/ DC01/ DC02/DC03/ DC04/RECC

Width before corrugated

762-1200 mm

Width after corrugated


Zinc Coating



1800-2000mm, 1.8- 5meters or as client's request


2-4 Tons


ASTM-A653; JIS G3302; EN10147;etc

Payment Terms

 T/ T(30% Deposit), LC, Western Union, Paypal,



Regular Order

25 tons or one container, for less quantity, to contact with us for details


Soft hard(HRB60),medium hard(HRB60-85),full hard(HRB85-95)


Free provided if in stocks

Surface Structure

Regular spangle,Minimum spangle, Zero spangle, Big spangle

Surface Treatment

Chromated/Non-Chromated, Oiled/Non-oiled, Skin pass,passivation treatment,oiling

Monthly Output

10000 tons


Insurance is all risks and accept the third party test

Loading Port

Tianjin/Qingdao/Shanghai/ GuangzhouPort, China

Delivery time

Within 10-15 working days after receive the deposit, or according to the order quantity

Place of Origin:

Shandong, China


Construction,making pipes, cutting sheets, making small tools


3 layers of packing, inside is kraft paper, water plastic film is in the middle and outside 
GI steel sheet to be covered by steel strips with lock, with inner coil sleeve.

Export seaworthy packing: a water proof paper + an inhibitor film + a steel sheet cover with steel edge protectors and sufficient steel straps.
Packaging detail:as customer's requirements.

Hot-dip galvanizing is the reaction of molten metal with an iron substrate to produce an alloy layer, thereby combining the substrate and the plating layer. Hot-dip galvanizing is to pickle iron and steel parts first. In order to remove iron oxide on the surface of iron and steel parts, after pickling, it is cleaned in an  ammonium chloride or zinc chloride aqueous solution or a mixed solution of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride.And then sent to the hot-dip plating bath. Hot-dip galvanizing has the advantages of uniform coating, strong adhesion and long service life.


The soft steels can be classified as follows.

DX51D: Machine fold quality

DX52D: drawing quality

DX53D: deep drawing quality

DX54D: special deep drawing quality

DX55D: Special deep drawing quality (only + AS)

DX56D: Special deep drawing quality

DX57D: Extreme deep drawing quality


For hot-dip coated strip and sheet, the following European uniform marks have been introduced.

Z zinc coating (99% Zn)

ZF zinc-iron alloy coating (Galvannealed)

ZA zinc-aluminum coating (Zn + 5% Al)

AZ aluminum-zinc coating (55% Al + 1.6% Si + Zn)

AS aluminum-silicon coating (11% Si + Al)

ZM zinc-magnesium coating (1-2% Mg + 1-2% Al + Zn)


Zinc coating finish – common zinc crystal (N)

This design results by an unaffected solidification of the zinc coating. Depending on the galvanizing conditions, either zinc crystals with different gloss and size or no zinc crystals may be present. The quality of the coating is not affected.


Zinc coating finish – small zinc crystal (M)

This design results by deliberately influencing the solidification process. The surface has a smaller zinc flower, which in some cases is not visible to the naked eye. If the usual zinc flower does not meet the requirements of the appearance of the surface, this design comes into consideration.


Coating design for zinc-iron alloy (ZF)

The coating of a zinc-iron alloy in a usual condition is formed by a heat treatment in which iron diffuses through the zinc. The surface has a uniform matt gray look.


Coating design for zinc-aluminum coatings (ZA)

An unaffected solidification of the zinc-aluminum coating results in this version with a metallic luster. Depending on the manufacturing conditions, crystals of different gloss and of different sizes are formed. The quality of the coating is not affected.


Coating design for zinc-magnesium coatings (ZM)

By an unaffected solidification of the zinc-magnesium coating, this version results in a different appearance, from dull to metallic sheen. Possible images and a tendency to darken may occur.


Coating design for aluminum-zinc coatings (AZ)

The products are delivered with standard crystals. Common crystals are a version with metallic luster, which results in unaffected growth of aluminum-zinc crystals under normal solidification conditions.


Coating design for aluminum-silicon coatings (AS)

In contrast to the other hot-dip coated products, a relatively pronounced Al-Fe-Si alloy layer is formed on the base material during hot dipping. This must be taken into account in further processing steps.


We can supply the steel grades described as broadband or coil, slit strip, sheets and blank.


Recommended coating weight and corresponding coating code for steel plates and strips

Coating form

Coating type

Recommended coating weight   g/m2

Coating code

Equal thickness a





40/40 50/50 60/60 70/70 80/80 90/90

40/40 50/50 60/60 70/70 80/80 90/90


100/100 125/125 140/140 175/175 225/225

100/100 125/125 140/140 175/175 225/225

Difference thickness


30/40 40/60 40/100

30/40 40/60 40/100

Galvanized weight: zinc layer thickness

Single side galvanizing quantity: 10g per square = single side coating thickness: 1.4 μ m
The coating weight of 50 g / m2 is approximately equal to 7.1 μ m。

Classification and code of surface structure

Surface structure




Regular spangle,


Zinc flower obtained by condensation of zinc layer under normal conditions after galvanizing.

General purpose

minimal spangle ,


The surface formed by controlling the condensation of the zinc layer presents small zinc flowers smaller than normal zinc flowers

It is used for the purpose where the normal zinc flower cannot meet the surface appearance requirements.

Finishing spangle


Surface structure obtained by special finishing treatment.

It is used for applications with high surface quality requirements, such as color coated substrate.

Finishing minimal spangle


zero spangle,


The specific production process is adopted to make the surface of the coating free of zinc flowers visible to the naked eye.


Zinc iron alloy


No zinc flower, gray, generally dull.

Suitable for further painting.

Classification and code of surface treatment

surface treatment



Chromate passivation


Chemical treatment to prevent white rust during transportation and storage



In order to prevent white rust during transportation and storage.

Chromate passivation + oiling


In order to further avoid white rust, the product surface shall be further oiled after chromic acid passivation

Quality inspection

1. Thickness test

2. Width test

3. Zinc coating test

4. Bending test

5. Impact test

Why choose us

1.ISO Verified Outstanding Manufacturer
2.The third party inspection:SGS,BV,CE,COC,AI and other
3.Flexible Payment:T/T,LC,O/A,CAD,DAP,KUNLUN Bank
4.Sufficient Stock
5.Quick Delivery Time,Long time price validity
6.Tracking picture of transport:production,loading pictures
7.Rich experience Professional Sale Team

1.Quality Guarantee After Receiving The Goods:Offer money return or ship new products for free if any problems happen
2.Technical guidance for further processing
3.VIP Service and free order after accumulated order quantity

Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are a manufacturer, we have our own factory. And we are the China leading galvanized steel coil, galvanized steel coil,PPGI/PPGL etc. We promise that we are exactly the supplier you have been looking for. We welcome you to visit our factory to check our production lines and know more about our capacity, quality.

Q. What are your company's main products ?

A: Our main products are stainless steel plate/sheet, coil, round/square pipe, bar, galvanized steel coil/sheet, aluminum  coil/sheet, carbon steel sheet/coil/pipe, etc.

Q: Do you have quality control system?
A: Yes, we have ISO, BV, SGS certifications and our own quality control laboratory.
Q: How long is your delivery time?
A: Generally it is 7-14 days if we have the exact goods in our stock. If not, it will take around 15-20 days to get goods ready for delivery.

Q. What are the advantages of your company ?

A: We have many professionals, technical personnel, more competitive prices and best after-dales service than other stainless steel companies.

Q. How many countries you already exported ?

A: Exported to more than 50 countries mainly from America, Russia, UK, Kuwait, Egypt,Turkey, Jordan, India, etc.

Q. Can you provide sample ?

A: Small samples in store and can provide the samples for free. Customized samples will take about 5-7days.

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